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Who we are?  

We are the colon angels, the detoxifires, the good guys on your side - ridding your body of harmful impurities. We clean your colon with Warm Ultra Purified water . This process is  known as Colon Hydrotherapy or Colonic’s

The process is repeated several times during your 45 minute session. It works with your colon to re-establish muscle tone and assist you in removing waste naturally.

Colonic hydrotherapy is like taking your colon to the gym. A lot of people are not fully eliminating leaving you feeling toxic. With colon cancer on the rise a lot of people are turning to Alternative Natural Ways to stay healthy.

Our FDA certified equipment is State of The Art, Safe, Clean and effective in assisting your body in natural elimination. Your session is handled or assisted by Professional Certified Colonic Specialist. Our company has served over 10,000 satisfied customers.

Do you feel tired, bloated, can’t sleep, constipated, weight gain, food cravings out of control? Or Do you just want to stay healthy A Clean Colon is a good addition to any health regime

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What is Closed Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy Is a safe an effective way of removing waste from the large Intestines by introducing warm purified water into the colon. This process which is repeated several times during your 45 minute session, works with your colon to re-establish muscle tone and assist you in removing waste naturally. Colonhydrotherapy is like taking your colon to the gym. A lot of people are not fully eliminating leaving us feeling toxic and with colon cancer on the rise a lot of people are turning to Alternative Natural Ways of staying healthy.

Colon Hydrotherapy is a natural process where warm purified water is used to soften, loosen, and clear compacted waste from the colon. Our center uses FDA Certified closed unit's that provide no smell and no mess with the Closed session's  Every aspect of your session is performed by our certified colon hydrotherapists in a completely private and comfortable evironment. The session generally takes 45 minutes.

For Best Results don’t eat 2-3 hours before & Light on Liquid intake. If you’ve never had colonic’s for Best Results follow the Industry Standard and Do 3 days as close together as possible

 Our FDA certified equipment is state of the art, safe, clean & effective in assisting your body in natural elimination, which is handled by a Professional Certified Colon Specialists. Watch the Video above to get a general idea What to expect during a Closed session


What to expect During

Open Colonic session:

Open Colonic Lower Bowel Irrigation LIBBE Device   

FDA Registered Medical Device

Our Open Colonic system introduces Ultra purified warm water into the colon or large intestine and allows water and waste to exit the lower bowel in a safe and comfortable way. The Client inserts the Sterile Rectal nozzle about 1 inch into the bum, then covers with clean cotton sheet & pushes the call button Your Certified therapist will enter the room & show you How to turn the water on Its easy safe, effective When you feel full Simply push out the nozzle will move to one side inside your bum & the junk will come out. The water has the potential to reach the cecum or beginning of the ascending colon which can allow for a deeper cleanse.  Removes fecal matter from lower bowel. Try Open System Most Clients Love the privacy & being able to push when you feel full You cannot push at all during Closed sessions. Also no fasting is required with the open But for Best Results don’t eat 2-3 hours before. If you’ve never had colonic’s for Best Results follow the Industry Standard and Do 3 days as close together as possible


What to Expect During

Closed Colon Hydro-Therapy:

Colonic irrigation using colon hydrotherapy involves the safe, gentle infusion of water into the colon via the rectum. Disposable tubing is attached to the colonic instrument which allows the purified water to fill the colon slowly and with ease. The guest will be wearing a gown and draped with a sheet. They lay on their left side (lying on a massage table) and a small part of the tubing is gently placed inside the rectum. The guest then turns and lies on their back for the rest of the procedure, completely covered. At some point, oils are massaged onto the abdomen to relax the colon muscle and loosen stuck waste. Water slowly fills the colon and the guest just breathes as the colon fills. Some pressure is felt, similar to feeling the need to have a bowel movement and some slight gas cramps are possible as the water makes its way past the old waste and gas bubbles stuck in the colon. 

Once the 'comfort level' is reached by the guest and/or a certain pressure is shown on the pressure gage by the therapist, the water is released and flows through a disposable waste line. There is a viewing tube, so the guest can see everything that comes out. We all hold at least 4-12 pounds of waste, so there is usually quite a lot of release. If the guest is dehydrated, the release may take longer until the body is more hydrated with water during the treatment. All the guest has to do during the procedure is breathe. The therapist explains each step that is taken to get the best results. The colon hydrotherapist will use several fills and releases of water (whatever amount of fills and releases that fit into the 45 minute time frame, usually at least 5-10 fills and 5-10 releases)

At the end of the 45 minute water therapy, the guest lies on their left sided again, the tubing is taken out and the guest uses the restroom. You can resume your normal day just like you would after any bowel movement But listen to your body


What to Expect After the Therapy:

The client may feel energized, relaxed, euphoric, a sense of lightness throughout the whole body, and/ or an overall sense of Well Being. Ive heard it all Clients saying I Love this Why did I wait so long? Or I have needed this my whole life, I feel better than I have in years, I am Now my healthiest Ive ever been But in the beginning of any new health regime It may get worse before it gets better and You could experience Detox reactions. If this occurs a feelings of weakness, lightheadedness, nausea, and/or general discomfort in the abdomen may occur brefiely This is especially normal when we have stimulated the whole body to detox through water in the colon. This allows the detox process ,stagnated build up to leave the body. It all depends on how toxic our bodies are to begin with. The liver and/or lymphatic system may start dumping more toxins into the colon. This is one of the reasons 2-4 sessions are recommended in the first week. All the waste and toxin accumulated in a lifetime cannot be completely eliminated in only one colonic. 

Most clients experience a sense of lightness, feelings of happiness, joy and freeness that they have never had before or have not felt since they were a child. Describing it as "a feeling like a big weight had been lifted from their body" and a "heightened mental, emotional, and physical clarity". Although many participants feel high levels of energy, some however, may experience transient effects of the toxins being stirred up. This can be a normal and still progressive part if the treatment called a "Healing Reaction". The symptoms may include: aches, pains, headaches, nausea, fatigue, hunger, feelings of sadness, anger, bloating, skin eruptions, etc. These symptoms are all natural responses to the healing process and will pass. They are similar to flu-like symptoms one may experience after a deep tissue massage. Drinking plenty of water helps to flush the system of toxins and will expedite this process of cleansing and healing. It is very important NOT to suppress these systems with over the counter or Western Medicines (unless directed by your doctor). Please allow your body to heal itself. This is part of the whole process of regenerating and letting go the very things that made the body sick even before we started these cleansing therapies. When you head the call to pass through this transition phase, you are sure to come out shining on the other side, invigorated and renewed.



As the colon is cleansed, it pushes waste through your system, clearing the way for good nutrient absorption. A clean colon from a colon detox allows waste to pass easily. ”An unhealthy colon makes the liver work harder and strains the kidneys. This results in an overload of toxic poisons that creates all kinds of health problems.” – Suzanne Somers


Constipation — especially when it's chronic — causes a sluggish digestive response, which in turn leaves waste in the system longer. This increases the likelihood of certain conditions and irritations, such as hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Colon cleansing can help improve your body’s overall health and wellness, and may even reduce your risks for colon cancer.


Releasing the toxins from your body is rejuvenating because it refocuses the energy usually used for forcing waste through your intestines to other parts of your body. People who have undergone colon detoxification say they have better blood circulation, more restful sleep, and a boost in energy.


A colon that's been cleansed allows water, vitamins and nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream, creating an unobstructed path for essential nutrients to filter into your body.


Poor diet and ineffective vitamin absorption can cause you to become distracted and lose your concentration. The buildup of mucous and toxins in your colon can keep your body from getting what it needs to function, even if you eat a consistently healthy diet. Cleansing the colon with a detox diet can be the difference between feeling alert and not being able to focus. This has far-reaching ramifications for work, your relationships, and your overall health. Candida can also be a cause of forgetting things and mild to severe food cravings. Call Today Ask about our Candida Cleanse.


Foods lacking in fiber move through the digestive tract at one-quarter the pace of high-fiber choices. This slow-moving food produces excess mucous that literally sticks to the intestinal walls, weighing the intestinal tract down with pounds of decaying fecal matter. Colon cleansing has the potential to aid weight loss; some people claim to have lost up to 20 pounds over the course of a month. The average human colon weighs about four pounds empty and can hold up to eight meals' worth of food before digestion finally occurs. A colon cleansing can result in significant weight loss and kick-start your metabolism, as well as refocus your attention on better food choices and whole-body wellness. Owner Tannis Henley of LoveMyColon absolutely Love to share her 27 years of Health Knowledge with anyone she meets You can Get a Customized Health Program from Tannis That will literally transform your very existence You Deserve to be healthy & having the right coach with the experience to take you there is the Number One ingredient to achieving the weight loss your looking for


All the toxins that you eat, drink, breathe, and absorb through your skin end up processed by your gastrointestinal system, kidneys, and liver. If they're not forced from your organs as quickly as possible, they can wreak havoc on your body's systems. By releasing stagnant body waste, you reduce the causes and the risk of polyps, cysts and cancerous growths in your organs, including colon and gastrointestinal tract.


Colon cleansing, as well as increased fiber intake and healthy food choices, improves regularity and helps keep your weight under control. Fat is estrogen-based, and if too much is present, becoming pregnant becomes more difficult. A colon that is weighed down by years of buildup can also press on the uterus and surrounding reproductive organs in women, causing strain. Colon cleansing rids the body of many chemicals and toxins that affect the egg and sperm. Many naturopaths recommend that both partners undergo colon cleansing before attempting pregnancy.


Foods that cause colon blockages are acid-forming — particularly high-protein diets without enough fiber. This leads to general malaise in the body. The colon's tissue eventually becomes inflamed, reducing its ability to do its job, which is to allow only water, minerals and vitamins to pass into the bloodstream. If yeasts, molds, fungus, bacteria, parasites or fecal material enter the bloodstream and connected tissue, the body's pH will be thrown out of balance.


If you have one of these conditions You should not get colonic’s without your doctors permission

Contraindication is a specific situation in which a procedure should not be used because it may be harmful to the person. In our case, this would apply to you if you have a particular medical diagnosis that would prohibit us from performing colon hydrotherapy. Below is a list of diagnoses that may be a contraindication for colon hydrotherapy. With a Prescription & green light from your Doctor We may be able to assist you in colonic’s Call for more information

Abdominal Hernia, Aneurysm, Abdominal Surgery in the past 3 months, Bleeding Hemorrhoids, Cancer of Gastrointestinal Tract, Cardiac Disease that is severe, Cirrhosis of the Liver, Epilepsy, Fissures, Fistulas, Pregnancy in 2nd or 3rd Trimester, Renal Insufficiency/Kidney Failure, Seizures **

Colon Hydrotherapy is NOT intended to replace the relationship with your primary health care providers and my consultation is not intended as medical advice. They are intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from my education and research As a colon hydrotherapist, I encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with your primary health care provider.

 The information and service provided is not used to prescribe, recommend, diagnose or treat a health problem or a disease. It is not a substitute for medical care. If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, you should consult your primary health care providers.

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How to Prepare.


1) Stay Hydrated

(at least 8-12 glasses of Purified water daily)

We are all made up of 75% water and our bodies actually hydrate from the colon. If you are already hydrated, the Colon Hydrotherapy treatment will get your colon to focus more on cleansing. If you are dehydrated, we will spend more time hydrating the body before the colon will focus on cleansing. We recommend Not drinking Bottled water Unless its in Glass Buy your own bottle’s & fill up at a Good water store you trust or Get a water treatment system Stay protected from plastic pollution Stop drinking bottled water Ask us at LoveMyColon What we recommend for water protection

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 4.48.46 PM.png

2) Proper Digestion

Chew food really well and limit liquid intake during meals. For better digestion hydrate well 30-45-minutes before all meals. After you eat try & limit liquid intake for at least one hour. Chewing our food well stimulates the stomach to produce more digestive enzymes to break down our food. When we drink liquid with meals, that unfortunately dilutes the digestive juices and we don't break down our food as well. It is important to digest our food well to not only absorb nutrients, but also to eliminate waste effectively.

Is it important to eat Organic Local food? Yes The most important thing you can do for your health is Eat Organic -Eat raw- Eat whats in season Eat Clean. Limit All Animal Protein to no more than 10% of total diet to avoid many cancers Learn more at LoveMyColon How you can stay healthy & prevent cancer naturally

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 4.56.08 PM.png

3) Detox & Hydrate

Drinking Organic wheat grass , cucumber, aloe and lemon juice or other vegetable & fruit juices Can helps to soften and dislodge mucous and old matter that could have been stuck in the colon for years. Lemon water & apple cider vinegar can be ingested as often as you like while wheat grass should be consumed one ounce at a time. This is very powerful and detoxifying.


Who performs the Closed Colon Hydrotherapy session’s?

Our professional Certified therapists are committed to set the standard in the field of colon hydrotherapy today. Love My Colon is a modern, state of the art facility. Our client satisfaction is our number one priority.

The atmosphere is therapeutic, clean and relaxing. Your professional therapist is there to help you be as relaxed and comfortable as possible

You can go back to work just as you would after a regular bowel movement. Normally there is no down time,most people release a lot during their session & don’t feel the urge after the final release in the bath room. Listen to your body everyone is different.

We use Quality Medical & HydroSan FDA certified medical equipment.  These units are safe dignified approach to bowel cleaning. It is a totally closed system with no offensive odors; the dignity of the client is maintained. We use Ultra purified water to reduce the harmful effects of chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, bacteria and other toxins.

We use One time Only Disposable hoses and speculums used Once to prevent any chance of cross contamination. Our FDA Certified Units are Modern safe & effective, sterile colon hydrotherapy medical devices We utilize pre-sterilized, disposable hoses and speculums.

In short, it is a relaxing, gentle experience we also incorporate soothing therapeutic grade oils that are applied to the abdomen and sometimes feet. The highest quality Organic products and sanitary standards are incorporated in our facility.

We recommend to all Please refrain from wearing Perfumes & Colognes before coming to your Colonic

Filtered, temperature-regulated water is introduced into the colon through a once only sterile disposable speculum. After the waste material of the colon is softened and loosened, it is evacuated through a flexible plastic hose that connects the speculum to the Colon Hydrotherapy device. At Love My Colon we offer both open colonic’s & closed colon hydrotherapy services. There is no offensive smell or mess to worry about with the Closed system Its a full service experience. The treatment usually lasts 45 minutes on the table. Your modesty is protected throughout the process.

Questions are welcomed. Also available: Coffee, Probiotic’s, and Chlorophyll implants can be added to your colonic session..

How should a person prepare before a colonic session?

  • Days before drink plenty of liquids. (Water, Fresh Organic Raw Juices, Herbal Teas, Soups, Steamed Vegi’s )

  • The days before your appointment eat a variety of organic fruits, organic vegetables and certain herbs — suggestion: senna tea (Smooth Move Tea), Turkey Rhubarb, wheat grass, alfalfa tablets, or aloe vera juice. It helps to dissolve accumulated fecal matter.

  • Mild exercise is helpful (walking is good).

  • For Best Results Fast 2 hours prior to your appointment & Light on liquid for closed sessions -Open Colonic’s don’t require limited liquid i

  • Best to Avoid consumption of refine foods, white flour, bread, pasta, rice,  sugars and mucous producing foods (dairy products).

  • Avoid fried foods, all junk foods and all meats.

  • Do not chew gum, eat gassy foods, yeast producing foods, and carbonated beverages. These foods will produce excess gases and may cause discomfort during your session. Some examples of gassy foods are: chewing gum, cabbage, broccoli, sodas, wine, beer, hard liquor, all yeast producing foods (bread, muffins, some starches, etc).

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