Love My Colon Urban Detox


Frequently Asked Questions


Why Do People Seek Colon Hydrotherapy

Bloated- Weight Gain- Tired- Food Cravings- Toxic Build Up

Diarrhea -Insomnia- Skin Issues-  Allergies

Sick all the time- Ready for change

Excessive Gas- Constipation-Low Energy-Weight Gain

Increased Energy - Back Pain - Headaches

Supports Diet & Life Style Changes- Weight lifting Competitions

Meet weight loss deadlines- Cancer- Constipation after medication & or Surgeries

Post Surgery -Colonoscopy Preparation- Vomiting after meals - Feeling full all the time

Can’t eat -Preventive Health -Celebrities Do it- Just want to Try it

Safe- Effective- Clean- Sterile One Time use only disposable Speculums