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Who we are?  

We are the colon angels, the detoxifires, the good guys on your side - ridding your body of harmful impurities. We cleans your colon with Warm, Purified, Water in our state of the art facility. This process is  known as Colon Hydrotherapy. 

The process is repeated several times during your 1-hour session. It works with your colon to re-establish muscle tone and assist you in removing waste naturally.

Colonic Irrigation is like taking your colon to the gym. A lot of people are not fully eliminating leaving you feeling toxic. With colon cancer on the rise a lot of people are turning to Alternative Natural Ways to stay healthy.

Our FDA certified equipment is State of The Art, Safe, Clean and effective in assisting your body in natural elimination. This  is handled by Professional I-ACT Certified Colonic Specialists. Our company has served over 10,000 satisfied customers. You know the best when you find it.


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What is Closed Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy Is a safe an effective way of removing waste from the large Intestines by introducing warm purified water into the colon. This process which is repeated several times during your 45 minute session, works with your colon to re-establish muscle tone and assist you in removing waste naturally. Colonhydrotherapy is like taking your colon to the gym. A lot of people are not fully eliminating leaving us feeling toxic and with colon cancer on the rise a lot of people are turning to Alternative Natural Ways of staying healthy.

Colon Hydrotherapy is a natural process where warm purified water is used to soften, loosen, and clear compacted waste from the colon. Our center uses an FDA Certified closed unit's that provide  no smell and no mess with the Closed session's  Every aspect of our sessions are performed by our certified colon hydrotherapists in a completely private and comfortable evironment. The session generally takes 45 minutes. 


Our FDA certified equipment is state of the art, safe, clean & effective in assisting your body in natural elimination, which is handled by Professional I-ACT Certified Colon Specialists. Our scottsdale location has served over 10,000 satisfied customers. You know the best when you find it.


What is Open Colon Hydrotherapy?

Open Colonic Irrigation LIBBE Device   

FDA Registered

Colonic system introduces water into the colon or large intestine and allows water and waste to exit the lower bowel in a safe and comfortable way. The water has the potential to reach the cecum or beginning of the ascending colon which can allow for a deeper cleanse.  Removes fecal matter from lower bowel. Open System


What to Expect During the Therapy:

Colonic irrigation using colon hydrotherapy involves the safe, gentle infusion of water into the colon via the rectum. Disposable tubing is attached to the colonic instrument which allows the purified water to fill the colon slowly and with ease. The guest will be wearing a gown and draped with a towel. They lay on their left side (lying on a massage table) and a small part of the tubing is gently placed inside the body. The guest then turns and lies on their back for the rest of the procedure, completely covered. At some point, essential oils are massaged onto the abdomen to relax the colon muscle and loosen stuck waste. Water slowly fills the colon and the guest just breathes as the colon fills. Some pressure is felt, similar to feeling the need to have a bowel movement and some slight gas cramps are possible as the water makes its way past the old waste and gas bubbles stuck in the colon. 

Once the 'comfort level' is reached by the guest and/or a certain pressure is shown on the pressure gage by the therapist, the water is released and flows through a disposable waste line. There is a viewing tube, so the guest can see everything that comes out. We all hold at least 4-12 pounds of waste, so there is usually quite a lot of release. If the guest is dehydrated, the release may take longer until the body is more hydrated with water during the treatment. All the guest has to do during the procedure is breathe. The therapist explains each step that is taken to get the best results. The colon hydrotherapist will use several fills and releases of water (whatever amount of fills and releases that fit into the 45 minute time frame, usually at least 5 fills and 5 releases)

At the end of the 45 minute water therapy, the guest lies on their left sided again, the tubing is taken out and the guest uses the restroom.


What to Expect After the Therapy:

The guest may feel energized, relaxed, euphoric, a sense of lightness throughout the whole body, and/ or an overall sense of Well Being.Detox reactions can also occur and can create a feeling of weakness, lightheadedness, nausea, and/or general discomfort in the abdomen. This is especially normal when we have stimulated the whole body to start/ continue to detoxify through a surge of water opening up all channels of the body to start to allow the stagnant toxins to start the process of leaving the body. It all depends on how toxic our bodies are to begin with. The liver and/or lymphatic system may start dumping more toxins into the colon. This is one of the reasons 2-4 sessions are recommended in the first week. All the waste and toxin accumulated in a lifetime cannot be completely eliminated in only one colonic. 

Most clients experience a sense of lightness, feelings of happiness, joy and freeness that they have never had before or have not felt since they were a child. Describing it as "a feeling like a big weight had been lifted from their body" and a "heightened mental, emotional, and physical clarity". Although many participants feel high levels of energy, some however, may experience transient effects of the toxins being stirred up. This can be a normal and still progressive part if the treatment called a "Healing Reaction". The symptoms may include: aches, pains, headaches, nausea, fatigue, hunger, feelings of sadness, anger, bloating, skin eruptions, etc. These symptoms are all natural responses to the healing process and will pass. They are similar to flu-like symptoms one may experience after a deep tissue massage. Drinking plenty of water helps to flush the system of toxins and will expedite this process of cleansing and healing. It is very important NOT to suppress these systems with over the counter or Western Medicines (unless directed by your doctor). Please allow your body to heal itself. This is part of the whole process of regenerating and letting go the very things that made the body sick even before we started these cleansing therapies. When you head the call to pass through this transition phase, you are sure to come out shining on the other side, invigorated and renewed.



How to Prepare.


1) Stay Hydrated

(at least 8-12 glasses of water daily) 

We are all made up of 75% water and our bodies actually hydrate from the colon. If you are already hydrated, the Colon Hydrotherapy treatment will get your colon to focus more on cleansing. If you are dehydrated, we will spend a bit more time hydrating the body and then the colon will focus on cleansing.

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2) Proper Digestion

Chew food really well and limit liquid intake during meals. Chewing our food well stimulates the stomach to produce more digestive enzymes to break down our food. When we drink liquid with meals, that unfortunately dilutes the digestive chemicals and we don't break down our food well. It is important to digest our food well to not only absorb nutrients, but also to eliminate waste effectively.

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3) Detox & Hydrate

Drinking wheat grass and lemon water helps to soften and dislodge mucous and old matter that could have been stuck in the colon for years. Lemon water can be ingested as often as you like while wheat grass should be consumed one ounce at a time. It is very powerful and detoxifying.